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Compliance Disclosure Request

Retailer Generally Available Retail Tariff Plans

A copy of all of our pricing schedules can be obtained by emailing us at compliance@pulseenergy.co.nz by clicking the link below.

  • The data file supplied includes information for all brands operated by Pulse Energy Alliance LP (Pulse Energy and Greypower Electricity)
  • The data file will not include plans which are closed to new consumers, even if some customers may still be on these plans.
  • The data file does not include information about customised plans available to only specific customers.
  • Not all plans are available to all customers. Greypower Electricity plans are only available to members of the Greypower Federation. Please contact us to find out if you are eligible.
  • Data is as at the date specified in the header of the data file, and is subject to change at any time.

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