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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is Pulse Energy?

    Pulse is a community owned electricity and gas retailer with over 70,000 customers throughout New Zealand. Being independent enables us to purchase the best priced generation on the market and pass the benefits on to our customers.

  • Does Pulse Energy supply gas?

    Yes. To find out more information about Natural Gas or LPG click here.

  • How can I protect myself from fluctuations and interruptions?

    Spikes and surges in electricity supply can be caused by accidents that affect line damage. This leads to a sudden dynamic increase in voltage, which can damage electrical appliances or result in a fire.

    Take care of your valuable appliances such as television, computer and fridge by using surge protection devices that ensures the voltage is within the safe threshold. You can find these devices at most appliance stores around New Zealand.

  • What do I do if I wish to give feedback or make a complaint?

    Pulse Energy aims to provide you with the best possible service. If you have any feedback you can call us on 0800 785 733 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm), or email customer.care@pulseenergy.co.nz.

    If you have a complaint, you can email us at resolutions@pulseenergy.co.nz. Our friendly team would be more than happy to help you.

    Our staff will:

    • Acknowledge your complaint in writing within 2 working days, and respond to you within 7 working days regarding a resolution.
    • Attempt to resolve your complaint within 20 working days, however, in some cases, it can take up to 40 working days to resolve, we may write to you to explain why this is.

    You may refer your dispute to the Utilities Disputes if:

    • You are unhappy with the way we propose to resolve your dispute
    • Your dispute is not resolved within 20 Working Days of receiving it

    Utilities Disputes
    Freepost 192682
    PO Box 5875
    Lambton Quay
    Wellington 6145
    Freephone: 0800 22 33 40 or (04) 914 4630
    Email: info@utilitiesdisputes.co.nz
    Website: www.utilitiesdisputes.co.nz

    Thank you for being a Pulse Energy Customer. We are committed to continually improving the service we provide you.

Switching, Moving and Metering

  • Is there a bond or charge to switch to Pulse Energy?

    A bond of up to $150 may be charged for residential properties. This charge may be incurred when signing up with Pulse Energy if the property has no electricity supply and requires us to organise reconnection or connection to the electricity network. Any charges will be advised prior to being put on your account.

    How can I switch to Pulse Energy?

    Switching is easy – it only takes a few minutes

    1. Visit our Online Signup page to sign up today.
    2. Contact us on 0800 785 733 and speak to one of our friendly Customer Care Team (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm).

  • Where can I find my ICP number?

    Each property has a unique ICP number which identifies it on the New Zealand electricity network.

    You can find this number on your power bill, which is normally located under your invoice number. It is 15 digits long with mostly containing numbers however it will have a few letters.

  • Will my power be cut off when I switch?

    The switching process can take between 10-15 working days, and during this time your electricity will not be switched off.

  • What happens after I switch – do I need to do anything?

    No. We take care of the switching process for you. During this time we will send you out a welcome pack with information about your plan.

  • How do I move house with Pulse Energy?

    You can move house with Pulse Energy online by clicking here and filling out a form, or if you would prefer you can call our Customer Care Team a call on 0800 785 733.

    What if I’ve moved into a new property and my power is off?

    Before moving house, it is always best to contact us and advise if the power is on at your new property or not. If there is no power, check that the main switch is on. If you are unsure, please call us on 0800 785 733 and we can organise a reconnection within 4-6 hours.

Smart Metering

  • Who owns the meter at my property?

    Most commonly the metering company who installed the meter, not the retailer.

    Why do I pay Pulse Energy (or other retailer) for the meter?

    The MEPs (retailers contract with Meter Equipment Providers (MEP)), charge the retailer for the use and maintenance of the meter at a property. The customer then receives one invoice which includes metering charges rather than two invoices, one from the retailer and one from the metering company.

  • What am I responsible for?

    You are responsible for ensuring safe access to the meter and we recommend you do not ‘touch’ the metering equipment. If you believe you need the meter to be reviewed you can coordinate this through Grey Power Electricity (or the retailer you are supplied by).

    Why do I want a remotely read meter or “smart” meter?

    Manually read meters only measure total consumption and do not allow the time of your consumption to be measured. Measuring the time of consumption may allow you access to more competitive pricing offers.

    Remotely read meters, often referred to as advanced or smart meters, allow for your usage to be recorded every half hour. This improves understanding and may allow for your consumption to be purchased more effectively than it is today. Retailers may offer price plans that work better for your profile once it is understood.

    Remotely read meters are only estimated if communications are lost and cannot be re-established in a timely manner. Therefore each bill will be exact
    and within regulated measurement tolerances.

    Advanced meters can open the door to other services such as pre-paying, time-of-use pricing, half-hourly pricing, remote disconnection/reconnection and usage analysis. All these services may be provided, in the future, by Pulse, Grey Power Electricity or their competing retailers. Remotely read meters do not require you to provide access to your property for a meter reader.

    Do smart meters know what appliances you’re using or know your behavioural habits?

    Advanced (smart) meters cannot identify which appliances you are using, or when you are using them. Your meter will measure and report the aggregate amount of energy used or generated in your home
    on a half-hourly basis. In total, this is the same electricity consumption data collected, just collected more frequently.

  • Are remotely read meters safe?

    The meters are provided by qualified meter suppliers in New Zealand and must be approved and comply with all relevant regulations e.g. Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. If you are concerned with any safety aspect of these meters we recommend you do your own enquiry with the metering company and draw your own conclusions.

    In addition, for your own personal electrical safety, we recommend that you do not touch or tamper with the meter for any reason.

  • Can I choose a meter that is remotely read or manually read?

    We will happily serve customers with existing installed meters that are either a) read remotely or b) read manually by a physical site visit of a qualified meter reader. The main condition is the meter has to be with an MEP (Metering Equipment Provider) we have a contract with to ensure compliance over the long term. For commercial reasons Pulse contracts with a limited number of Metering Equipment Providers (MEPs).

  • Will you still allow estimate reads for manually read meters?

    We are able to accept a certain degree of estimated meter reads for those manually read meter sites as long as we comply with the regulations in doing so, but it is important to note that this could change over time.

    Can I have a new advanced/smart meter with the communication disabled and manually read?

    It may be possible. We are currently in discussion with Metering Equipment Providers (MEPs) and our focus will be to have a contracts and services to ensure we are compliant.

  • How do the prices compare?

    For now, our prices are about the same; as the remote read prices were set to be competitive with manually read devices.

  • How are the prices of the two choices calculated?

    Our metering charges are designed to cover the range of services that we secure from our contractors relating to the provision of meters, securing readings and general metering services.

    As the requirement for manual reading declines we expect that we will need to review our pricing, for example in hard to reach areas, it may be more expensive.

  • Can I use a meter purchased from an MEP

    No, at this stage Pulse does not have contracts with MEPs that allow consumers to supply their own meters. For commercial reasons Pulse contracts with a small number of large MEPs. We are investigating options for alternative meter provision, but due to compliance and health and safety issues we need to ensure that we utilise MEPs that satisfy both our and industry standards. 13
    What can I do if I have already purchased one? At this stage we are not in a position to say which types could be serviced by a Pulse MEP and so therefore we recommend not purchasing one. We are not currently able to offer these services.

  • Can I use my own meter?

    No, at this stage Pulse does not have contracts with MEPs that allow consumers to supply their own meters. For commercial reasons Pulse contracts with a small number of large MEPs. We are investigating options for alternative meter provision, but due to compliance and health and safety issues we need to ensure that we utilise highly competent suppliers.

    Do smart meters store customers’ personal details?

    Personal details such as name and address are not stored by an advanced meter, and the consumption information collected by smart meters will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act – just as it is now with your existing meter. Once the smart meter data has been securely transmitted to the metering company’s data centre and successfully registered, the data is removed from the meter. The data is sent on to us and your electricity consumption information is then aligned with your account information to enable customer billing.

  • Will Pulse sell your personal information to third parties?

    No. All of the information Pulse collects will continue to be handled in accordance with Privacy Act. We are prohibited from disclosing personal information to third parties unless required by law or as permitted by our Terms and Conditions. In the case of customer service inquiries, validation of the customer’s account is required and access by our customer service representatives will be logged to ensure adherence to privacy policies.

  • Do smart meters securely communicate consumption information?

    Smart meter data is protected through a specially designed communication protocol that controls access using security certificates (asymmetric-key cryptography) and scrambles data using encryption (symmetric-key cryptography). The two cryptographic systems work together to ensure that the data remains secure and the communication channels cannot be infiltrated by external entities.

    Security industry professionals recognize the industry best practice of using multiple layers of security is the best way to ensure there are no single points of vulnerability from either a security or privacy perspective.

Billing & Payment Options

  • How do I read my bill?

    We provide transparent billing by separating our rates and the lines charges on your power bill so you know what you are paying for. For more information, visit our how to read your bill page.

  • Do you send out paper bills in the mail?

    Yes we do send out paper bills in the mail.

  • How frequent will I be billed?

    You will be billed on a monthly basis and you have 18 days to pay your power bill.

  • How do I set up a My Account?

    Registering for My Account is easy. All it takes is four simple steps:

    • Go to My Account 
    • Enter your email address
    • Enter your Consumer Number and Account Numbers (these numbers can be found on the top front and back of your power bill).
    • Set a password

    Note: A confirmation email will be sent to your nominated email address with a link. Please note that you can register for My Account once you receive your first power bill.

  • Will registering for My Account affect my payment method or paper statements?

    No. You can continue to pay by your preferred payment method. If you would like to continue receiving your paper bills in the mail, you will need to un-tick the ‘send my bills to my email address’ option and update in the ‘change my details’ area.

  • What are the ways to pay for my power bill?

    We offer a range of payments options to suit you and your household:

    • SmoothPay
    • Direct Debit
    • My Account
    • NZ Post
    • Automatic Fixed Payment
    • Internet Banking
    • Credit Card
    • BNZ branch
    • Telephone banking

    Visit our payment options page to find out more.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes. You can pay by either Mastercard or Visa**.

    You can contact us on 0800 785 733 to make credit and debit card payments or simply log in to your My Account.

    ** A surcharge fee will be charged and added to payments made by credit and debit cards.

  • Are there any fees?

    Visit our schedule of fees page to find out more.

  • Currency

    The currency used throughout this site is New Zealand Dollars.

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