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Energy Efficiency

Is your home energy efficient?

Making small changes to ensure your home is energy efficient is a great way to save on your power bills. We have put together some of our favourite energy efficiency resources for you below. 

We love the GenLess Running Costs Calculator that tells you how much your appliances cost to run! 

 Running Costs Calculator

Funding for Heaters/ insulation

You may be eligible for insulation or heater grants as part of the Warmer Kiwi Homes Programme.

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EE RunningCosts
Running Costs

Find out how the energy rating label affects the yearly running cost of your household appliances.

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Reasons your power bill might be higher than usual

Every now and then you might receive a bill that seems unusually expensive. Here are some reasons why.

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Make sure you are on the right user plan

Find out if your home is best suited to a low user or standard user electricity plan.

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Healthy Homes Standards

See if your home complies with the government's healthy homes rental standards.

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Heating Assessment Tool

The heating assessment tool will help calculate the heating requirements for the living room in a rental home.

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