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Benefits of Natural Gas

All Energy Discount
You can take advantage of our All Energy Discount by combining your electricity and gas supply with Pulse Energy.
One Energy Bill
As an All Energy customer, you will receive one bill for your electricity and gas. We provide transparent billing by clearly separating the charges which make up your bill. 
Save Money
You can save money by choosing to use gas in your home. Gas appliances are efficient and are usually cheaper to operate in the long term.
Heat as you go
With an instant gas hot water system, you can heat as you go and only pay for what you use. Cooking with gas gives you instant heat and precise temperature control.
Gas is Safe
There are a lot of modern appliances and regulations to ensure gas is a safe energy option for your home. For more information refer to the Living Safely with Gas section on our website.
LPG Available
Pulse Energy offer Natural Gas and LPG. If you would like information about our LPG services please call us on 0800 785 733 or email us at customer.care@pulseenergy.co.nz
Gas is a long term clean burning energy source.
Meter Reading
We will aim to do an actual meter reading for your electricity and natural gas account at the same time each month.

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