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Ideas to keep you entertained while self-isolating

With New Zealand in full lockdown, you may be running out of ways to keep yourself or your family entertained. The team at Pulse Energy have shared some of their favourite activities they have been doing. Read on for some inspiration!

  • Take an online painting class

Feeling creative? Grab your canvas, paints and brushes and participate in an online painting class! Paintvine NZ have created online tutorials with a wide range of paintings to choose from!

  • Cook up a storm in the kitchen

Now is the perfect time to practice new recipes that you have had bookmarked forever. Why not try some of the Highlanders favourite recipes? You can check them out here.

  • Watch a documentary

If you want to use this time to organise and declutter your home, the Marie Kondo documentary is for you!

  • Clean an area of your house that you have been putting off

It may not be spring, but now is the perfect time to ‘spring clean.’ Whether this is your kitchen draws, the children’s playroom or the garage… use this time to tackle those areas that you keep telling yourself “I’ll do tomorrow” Check out this great article for tips on how to organise your cupboards like a pro!

  • Clear out your wardrobe

It’s time to let go of those items that you haven’t worn in over a year. Sell a few of the higher value items on TradeMe and donate the rest to your local clothing bin after the lockdown has ended. Make sure you watch the Marie Kondo documentary before you tackle your wardrobe, so you can let go of things that no longer give you joy!

  • Games night

Get the whole family involved in games night. Board games and puzzles can create hours of fun for the whole family! Why not test your creativity skills and give Cranium a go? Or the family favourite Monopoly. For more of a challenge, see if you can complete a Wasjig puzzle. Here at Pulse Energy, our staff’s favourite game is Bananagrams

  • Watch a virtual trip of the zoo

Can’t get to the zoo? Why not bring the zoo to you! There are hundreds of virtual tours of Museums, Zoos and Aquariums from all over the world.

  • Create indoor fun for your kids

With the weather starting to cool down and the rain making more of an appearance, it can be hard to entertain your kids without placing them in front of the TV all day. Get creative! Amaze your kids with easy homemade science experiments! Use baking soda and vinegar to create an awesome volcano or check out these other fun experiments here. Build a fort or make a racetrack/obstacle course around the house. It will keep the kids immersed in their imagination for hours.                                                                     

What activities have you been doing during lockdown? We would love it if you could leave a comment below!

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