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Little Heart Day

This Valentine’s Day, our team at Pulse Energy decided to celebrate a little bit differently!

Little Heart Day is also on Valentine’s Day, and it recognises children who are born with broken hearts around the world. It’s a day used to raise awareness of Heart Kids, a charity that provides support to children and their families living with congenital heart defects in New Zealand.

Every week, 12 babies are born with congenital heart defects in New Zealand, which affects over 600 families every year. There is no cure or prevention for these defects, and children need ongoing medication and surgery. Heart Kids receives no government funding, so they rely heavily on the support and fundraising efforts of people and businesses in New Zealand.

We held a Little Heart Day at the Pulse Energy head office, where our team wore red and decorated the office with balloons, hearts and streamers. Staff were able to purchase a Valentine’s Day card and chocolates to gift to their colleagues, friends or family. Every one of our staff members found it so heartwarming to know this gift was also helping others. The team at Heart Kids visited our office and spoke to our staff about this great cause.

All money raised was donated directly to Heart Kids, making it a really special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you would like to check out this great cause, visit the Heart Kids website.

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