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Our heart belongs to the Highlanders


In 2016, we were delighted to be able to take our passion for Super Rugby to the next level by becoming the principal sponsor of the Pulse Energy Highlanders.

We know what you’re going to say: Why the Highlanders?

As you know, just like the Highlanders, we too have roots that are deeply entrenched in the South Island community. Established way back in 1947, our owners and local lines network company Buller Electricity continues to play a key role in the local community in Westport, a town on the South Island’s west coast. Meanwhile, further south in the heart of Central Otago, the thriving town of Alexandra is home to the Pioneer Energy head office.

With the Highlanders, it was like running into someone from your old hometown. There was an instant connection.

Of course, our relationship isn’t just based on geographical similarities.

They say opposites attract, but we have to say this wasn’t true in our case. Our values, for example, are very closely aligned with those of the Highlanders. Honesty, dedication, equality and quality are all things that both we and the Highlanders try to uphold across all levels of our operations. It’s not always easy, but we’re dedicated to supporting each other as we strive to achieve all our professional and personal goals.

As a 100 percent community owned company, another thing that attracted us to the Highlanders is how much emphasis they put on togetherness. From the tight-knit bond between the players to the team’s involvement in their wider community, the Highlanders are all about bringing people together. In celebration of this, we have taken the players to various work places and schools in both Dunedin and Invercargill to connect with both old and young fans. 

It’s little wonder that so many people say the Highlanders are every New Zealanders favourite team after their own home team.

We don’t want to drag this out any longer. Simply put, we think we’ve found our soulmate.

Find out more about our current offer for Highlanders fans here

We’ve given away more than 3,000 Highlanders jerseys to our customers over the last 3 years. Check out our most recent promotions with the Highlanders and see what you could score! www.pulseenergy.co.nz/highlanders


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  • Jen 13/12/2017 7:52pm (17 months ago)

    Great article!

  • Dorothy Denniston 12/12/2017 6:35pm (17 months ago)

    I am a forever Pulse Highlander Fan so looking forward to the next super season. My Grandson, Caiden 13yrs, who now lives in Wellington and is also a faithful Pulse Highlanders and Otago fan and would be so proud to wear a Pulse Energy Highlanders jersey in Hurricane country.

  • Dorothy Denniston 12/12/2017 6:18pm (17 months ago)

    True Pulse Highlander fan so looking forward to the coming super season. My grandson, Caiden 13yrs, who has lived in Wellington for the past 3yrs is still a Pulse Highlanders and Otago fan, he would be so proud to wear his Pulse Highlanders jersey around hurricanes country..


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