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What would Kiwis do if they won free power for a year?

The Great NZ Energy Survey is back!

Every couple of years, we run the Great NZ Energy Survey to learn more about consumer interests and trends and get a better understanding of the things that matter the most to you when it comes to powering your home.

Here’s the best part: everyone who takes part in the survey goes in the draw to win free power for a year! Anyone can participate - regardless of whether you’re a Pulse Energy customer or not - and it only takes five minutes to complete.

Take the survey.

What would you do if you won free power for a year?

Earlier this year, we received thousands of comments from people across New Zealand telling us what they’d do with the extra money if they were to win free power for a year.

From holidays to home renovations and everything in between, here’s a small selection of some of our favourite comments:

1. A well-deserved break for a new little family

“We are expecting our first baby soon, so this would help with costs hugely. We would use the savings to treat our new little family on a break away somewhere. Perhaps a trip to a tropical island, or across the ditch to Australia. It has been a long time since we have been able to afford an overseas holiday.”

- Kate

2. Donations to non-profit organisations

“I would give a different non-profit community organisation the donation of my power bill costs each month. So, 12 different organisations.”

- Anne

3. A food truck (and more)!

“Open a food truck!!! And get a bike and pool membership to train for an iron man!”

- Ana

4. Tattoos? Maybe.

“My partner and I would get matching Pulse Energy tattoos OR we’d put the savings towards a fabulous getaway. It’s really 50/50 at the moment ;)”

- Angela

5. The costs of running an aquatic animal rescue

“We run an aquatic animal rescue (so we use more than our share of power) and would put the savings back into foods and medicines for the rescues.”

- Dan

6. All Blacks tickets for Nana

“I would first buy my Nana ticket to the All Blacks Ireland test in Auckland, as well as an overnight stay and flights so she can see her family, which she hasn’t been able to see since before COVID. This would be the first time since All Blacks vs Italy in 1987 that she has been to see the All Blacks play.”

- Kaspar         

7. Some much-needed home renovations

“Put the savings towards renovating my bathroom…it’s still stuck in the 70s!”

- Michelle        

8. A trip in honour of their grandparents

“Take my family to Fiji to visit the birthplace of my grandmother and grandfather who are no longer with us but we are where we are because of their sacrifices.”

- Rishay

9. Spruce up the old caravan

“We would renovate our old pop top caravan for family holidays.”

- Camille

10. A holiday across the date line

"Take my wife and kids on a well-deserved holiday! With COVID, things have been tight. If we freed up some extra money we could save to go to Rarotonga or somewhere like that. My kids aged seven and four have recently become interested in the world map. I’d love to take them over a date line! It will blow their minds!"

- Joseph

Take the survey

You’ve got to be in to win. So, what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a cuppa, take the Great NZ Energy Survey and go in the draw to win free power for a year!

Take the survey.


You can also view our findings from the last time we ran the survey in 2021!

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